Armonie Toscane White 12

Armonie Toscane White 12

The art of a praline: the choices are many making it very difficult to choose between the classical praline, the meditation praline or the truffle. Not only are the forms so intriguing, but there are also the colours, aromas and let’s not forget the flavours to consider! These little creations are made to impress, revealing a different surprise every time. A range of emotions whose balance of flavours, textures and aromas are commanded by the creativity of the maître chocolatier and her technique, leaving no room for improvisation. What makes Amedei's pralines so special is that the cocoa beans, fruits and roots are fresh, thanks to the experience of those who know that a fresh raw material must be treated quickly to be able to fully exploit its extraordinary qualities.

This box contains following pralines:

Praline of dark chocolate with almond filling

Milk chocolate with gianduja filling

White chocolate with hazelnut filling

Allergens May Contain Traces of Walnut.
Certification Kosher
Ingredients External: DARK CHOCOLATE (Cocoa Mass | Cane Sugar | Cocoa Butter | Vanilla | Cocoa Min. 66%) | MILK CHOCOLATE (Cane Sugar | Cocoa Butter | Whole Milk Powder | Cocoa Mass | Vanilla | Cocoa Min. 32%) | WHITE MILK CHOCOLATE (Cane Sugar | Cocoa Butter | Whole Milk Powder | Vanilla | Cocoa Min. 29%) / Internal: Cane Sugar | Whole Milk Powder | Hazelnuts Tonda Gentile Trilobata | Cocoa Butter | Skimmed Milk Powder | Dextrose | Almonds | Pistachios | Anhydrous Cow’s Butter | Cocoa Mass | Vanilla | Natural Flavours
Weight 110g

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